Becoming - Sepertine x Ametrine

Becoming - Sepertine x Ametrine

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Ethically sourced gemstone beads with 18k gold plated spring ring clasp with an elegant handmade end cup closure. Weighted and satisfying.

Materials: 18k gold plate over 925 sterling silver, Sepertine & Ametrine.

Length: 40 cm =  14" //  42 cm = 16" - both available 

Diameter of bead 11 mm = 0,433071 

Each necklace is one of a kind and difference is color.

Yellow Sepertine stands for a bigger picture of becoming you being you. To constant transforming, new beginnings and letting go of which doesn't serve you anymore.

Uncover the remarkable healing properties of Ametrine, a fusion of Amethyst and Citrine. With a calming touch, Ametrine gently clears stress and tension, creating a serene mental landscape. It becomes your shield against emotional turmoil, relieving depression and fostering emotional equilibrium.

Ametrine's magic extends beyond emotions. It cultivates acceptance, dismantling prejudice and e compatibility with others. This stone sparks creativity, giving you the power to shape your narrative. Concentration sharpens, bringing clarity to your pursuits.




Made in Spain 

EVASIMIN works with a manufacturer in Murcia, Spain, that supports women with small children at home. By bringing the work to their homes. They are part of the Spanish fashion jewelry association fair manufacturing.
The sample collection is handmade by Evasimin in her Frankfurt Atelier, she is driven by the mindset that handcraft is the highest gift that helps you enfold your potential and is healing by itself. That being said, makes the project a whole holistic circle.


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