EVASIMIN is a fashion designer, fashion illustrator, and creative free spirit. As the child of a Persian father and a German mother, she was born into an intercultural background. Inspired by her experiences in cities like Paris, L.A., New York, Copenhagen, and Italy, she launched her lifestyle brand EVASIMIN in 2020, sharing her cosmopolitanism and appreciation for people, cultures, and traditions. Colors play a pivotal role in her work.

For EVASIMIN, colors serve as a means of self-expression, reflecting our emotions and identities, or even the aspirations we hold. Colors become our voice when words fail and our shield when we seek protection. As diverse as each individual, colors hold different meanings for everyone. The world of colors is the world of EVASIMIN.

In 2020, EVASIMIN established her own studio and lifestyle brand in her hometown of Frankfurt, where she gained international recognition for creating face masks during the pandemic plus experienced huge success in her local community.

EVASIMIN, the founder, discovered her innate desire to create at a young age, finding solace and balance through her creations during challenging times of family illness. Guided by a clear and minimalist design philosophy, her jewelry and illustrations embody a sense of direction. Drawing inspiration from vibrant colors and precious materials like gemstones, Eva's work exudes courage and confidence. Her unique pieces, including healing stone jewelry and emotive illustrations, uplift the spirit and capture genuine moments and emotions. Through her creations, she aims to remove obstacles and cultivate harmony and well-being.

EVASIMIN believes in self-sufficiency and recognizes the healing properties of gemstones. She is committed to a sustainable production approach, ensuring fair working conditions for her collaborators, similar to those in Germany and other developed countries. By promoting ethical practices and providing meaningful work opportunities, EVASIMIN seeks to make a positive impact locally and globally. She is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, the healing potential of stones, and the beauty that can be crafted with one's own hands.

In 2022, she relocated to Los Angeles, pursuing her vision of presenting Healing Stone Collections of ethically sourced gemstone bags and necklaces both in the winter in the US and during the summer months all over Europe, based in her hometown of Frankfurt.


EVASIMIN collaborates with a manufacturer in Murcia, Spain, supporting women in their third stage of life. These women, whose children have grown and left home, seek self-sufficiency and economic opportunities. Through this partnership, they can work from home, crafting beautiful pieces.

The workshop is a part of Subime, the Spanish fashion jewelry association for sustainable and fair manufacturing.

EVASIMIN firmly believes in the healing power of creativity. She considers it a precious gift that enables individuals to tap into their potential and experience personal growth. This holistic approach lies at the core of her project, making it truly fulfilling and a holistic circle.

Join the EVASIMIN community, where you can discover personal healing, contribute to the healing of others, and be a part of a meaningful endeavor.

Heal, love & raise EVASIMIN

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