Discover HEALING STONES BY EVASIMIN: where jewelry meets magic and purpose. Our elegant designs offer a playful reminder to support you through life's triggers, blending vintage inspiration with modern functionality. Elevate your style and empower yourself with EVASIMIN jewelry.

EVASIMIN is a fashion designer, illustrator, and free spirit, with experience from international brands like The Row and By Malene Birger. Having lived in bustling metropolises worldwide, she understands the importance of slowing down and cherishing physical reminders of personal journey. Trust your inner knowing with EVASIMIN.

In 2020, EVASIMIN established her studio in Frankfurt, gaining recognition for face masks during the pandemic. Her work embodies direction, drawing from vibrant colors and gemstones to uplift spirits and remove obstacles.

Now a digital nomad discovering the beauty of Lisbon and Portugal, EVASIMIN continues to inspire. Committed to sustainability, she collaborates with artisans in Spain, supporting women's economic empowerment. Join our community for personal healing and meaningful endeavors. Subscribe for updates. Heal, love & raise with EVASIMIN.