Our mission - community building and including mental illnesses in society

EVASIMIN is more than just a jewelry brand. We are on a mission to uplift and empower people by offering unique and colorful pieces that inspire self-growth and exploration. Our jewelry is made from ethically sourced gemstones, and each piece is carefully crafted with love and intention.

At EVASIMIN, we believe that our creations are more than just accessories. Our bags and necklaces serve as daily reminders to channel positive energy and embrace our full potential. Our jewelry is weighted and satisfying, designed to distract your brain from anxiety and stress and focus your thoughts on the beauty of gemstones and colors.

But our mission goes beyond creating beautiful and empowering jewelry. We are committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices and support a small women's collective in Spain that makes our clasps. This collective helps women with small children work from home and is part of the Spanish fashion jewelry association for sustainable and fair manufacturing.

We also want to make a positive impact in our local community. For our next collection, we are partnering with the psychiatric day unit in Frankfurt to work with people with mental illness backgrounds. By giving them the opportunity to be part of a community, cook, train, and work together, we hope to provide a sense of purpose and healing through working with their hands.

Our ultimate goal is to spread positivity, empowerment, and self-love through our jewelry while also making a positive impact on the world. With your support, we can scale our business, reach more people, and continue to leave a greater positive impact on society.